Kickstart Your Career – Prioritize the Opportunities of Learning


Are you looking for a job opening to kickstart your career? Let’s have a glance at some keynotes where you should concentrate while you are looking for your desired job. Here we go:

  1. Are you looking for any kind of job or your desired job?
  2. Did you analyze the requirement for the position of your desired job?
  3. What do you want to choose from 2 options in the beginning of your career?

First of all, answer these question to yourself, and then read the rest of the article to know my opinion on how to kickstart your career.

People make some wrong choices at the under graduation stage while selecting their Major Concentration. Not all of them but most of them choose the most demanding subject as their Major. Do you have any specific parameters to prioritize the Major concentration? I don’t think so. Maybe it’s a word to mouth thing. We were used to believe those from the words of our seniors, and (or) friends. Whatever, if we are already done with it, I mean if you are already graduated with your chosen Major concentration, now it’s time to identify your preferred or desired job. It’s highly recommended to look for your desired job rather than any kind of job. Because it will be the portfolio of your career.

Though it’s tough but not impossible to identify your desired job. If you are certain about your desired job, then you should concentrate on the skills required for that job. You should start attending some learning session or courses. It adds value to your CV. For example, if you have interest in digital marketing, you can participate in a session on Facebook Marketing.

Now, the last thing… Choosing from 2 options-

  1. i) A job with a handsome salary but there are no opportunities to learn.
  2. ii) A job with a less salary but where you have to work hard to prove yourself.

Which one will you pick? To kickstart your career, you must go for the second one. In this stage, you should prioritize the learning opportunities that can take you to your right career path.

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